Jailbreak iOS 8.3, jailbreak iOS 8.4 TaiG 1.4, panGu 8.4, jailbreak pp iOS 8.4 – Download and Install Cydia

  • Leave following TaiG download link to get additional fact.
  • Windows consumer is able to use this tool.
  • This supports to jailbreak each the iOS 8+ versions apart from the iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4 versions.

Currently 8.4 Jailbreak  PP supports – iOS 8.4 for Cydia.

  • Download PP Jailbreak link decide help you to get extra detail about this.
  • This tool works just for Mac customer.
  • You be able to jailbreak up to iOS 8.3 version’s device via this.

At this time Pangu8 supports – for Cydia.

  • Pangu 8.3 Windows version and 1.0.0 Pangu8 Mac version are ready to download. (below has guide.)
  • Official Pangu latest download links to install Cydia.
  • It supports to jailbreak iOS 8.4, 8.3 and 8 as untethered.
  • It supports each iPhones, iPads and iPod touches running iOS 8.3, 8.4 and 8 versions.

Pangu8 step lead – via provisions for currently support of iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4 or else iOS 8 jailbreak.

Download ios 8.3 taig jailbreak

Download pangu8 iOS 8.3 jailbreak

iOS 8.4 cydia install
iOS 8.4 cydia install
  • Provisions for Windows customer and Mac customers.
  • Get the backup of your iOS 8.4 Device preceding to start the jailbreak.
  • Please make sure to get better iOS 8.4 versions up to iOS 8 versions via iTunes. OTA eternally offer jailbreak error.
  • Complete not get out com.apple.mobile.softwareupdated.plist service.
  • Turn on Airplane form proceeding to run the jailbreak tool.
  • It needs to turn off Pass code obtain my iPhone and Auto lock option. Employ then paths to whole it.
  • Pass code off – Settings — > General — > Passcode Lock — > turn off
  • Auto lock off – Settings — > General — > Auto-Lock — > Never.
  • Find My iPhone- Settings — > iCloud — > Find my iPhone

How to iOS 8.4 jailbreak Device via Pangu 8.3 otherwise Windows customer.

  • Step 01. Pangu 8.3 Download latest tool version into the Personal Computer from currently previous to via download key.
  • Step 02. Connect the iOS 8.3 Device by the Personal Computer.
  • Step 03. Run the Pangu8 tool. Windows customers want to run this tool as director.
  • Step 04. Click on the blue jailbreak key to start the jailbreak.
  • Step 05. Click the total key to disregard the “Disk is almost full” error.
  • Step 06. It resolve whole the jailbreak path via installing Cydia for your devices.

How to iOS 8.4 jailbreak Devices via Pangu8 1.3 for Mac customers

  • Step 01. Download the Pangu8 1.0.0 Mac version keen on the Personal Computer from currently
  • Step 02. Connect the iOS 8.4 Device via the Mac computer.
  • Step 03. Double-Click on the downloaded Pangu8 Mac tool to take out it.
  • Step 04. Click the right mouse click on the Pangu8 app and choose “Open”.
  • Step 05. Click the blue “Start jailbreak” key.
  • Step 06. At present, jailbreak is over via install Cydia For 8.4 Device.