How to downgrade iOS 8.4.1 to iOS 8.4

iOS 8.4.1 downgrade to iOS 8.4 easy

Now started downgrade iOS 8.4.1 to ios 8.4 firmware. After iOS 8.4.1 release from apple company, all apple users updated this update for idevices. But this iOS 8.4.1 not familiar with iOS 8.4 jailbreak or taig or pp jailbreak tool. There for now find how to downgrade ios 8.4.1 firmware to iOS 8.4 version. Apple team introduce the downgrade option with iOS 8 released time. After that they give small time to downgrade to old iOS versions due to latest ioS errors. But this downgrade offer available for limited time and they closed it within one or two weeks. After iOS 8.4.1 released, it has valuable changers for iPhone devices. There for all users update to it. After updated iOS 8.4.1, remove all jailbreak and iOS 8.4 cydia options and we can’t jailbreak using old jailbreak tool. there for you want downgrade iOS 8.4.1 to iOS 8.4 firmware version. But you can’t do it easily. We provide step guide to downgrade ios 8.4.1 to ios 8.4 jailbreaked version.

downgrade ios 8.4.1
downgrade ios 8.4.1

How to jailbreak iOS 8.4 jailbreak

How to jailbreak iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak

If you updated your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device accidentally, Now you can iOS 8.4.1 downgrade to iOS 8.4 using two method. After that you can install iOS 8.4 and jailbreak your device using taig jailbreak or pp jailbreak till iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak tool release. There for we recommended to downgrade ios 8.4.1 to ios 8.4 and other all users avoid update iOS 8.4.1 till iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak tool release.

Read important things before start ios 8.4.1 downgrade

  • You can downgrade ios 8.4.1 to iOS 8.4 version only
  • Hurry up! you cannot downgrade ios 8.4.1 after apple stop signing the firmware file
  • Pls get full backup your all valuable data to icloud or other system. Because downgrade went wrong, you can restore your device using backup.
  • Apple team not recommend iOS 8.4.1 downgrade and proceed this your own risk.
  • If you want download ios 8.4 jailbreak tool pls go through this link

Note- Before start the downgrade process pls check the signing status using this web site. If it is on, you can downgrade iOS 8.4.1 to iOS 8.4 version easy.

Follow steps downgrade ios 8.4.1 to ios 8.4

We can recommended this method as first method to start downgrade. But it get more time from your valuable time. however If you want downgrade Pls get this steps.

  • Pls put your device to DFU mode
  • Then connect your device to computer
  • Turn off your device pressing the power button hold the power button for tree seconds.
  • Now press the home button without release the power key for ten seconds
  • Then release the power button and hold the home button till itunes get detect this device as recovery mode
  • After that you can see the popup menu and give ok
  • Now click on restore button
  • you can see restore and update button. then click on it
  • In the next massage, itunes will gives iOS 8.4 update information and click next button. then click on agree button
  • Itunes now start the download ios 8.4 update and install automatically it self taking 10 minutes
  • Then ios 8.4.1 downgrade finished

Now you can use backup file and restore your data. That’s it. Your device downgraded to ios 8.4 version. Now you want download iOS 8.4 jailbreak tool for jailbreak your device. Very easy steps to downgrade ios 8.4.1 firmware. How ever Next ios version is iOS 9. iOS 9 jailbreak will release after ios 9 released. You can get iOS 9 downgrade steps staying with us.

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