Leaked IBoot Source code

The codes were leaked by a low-level employer who passed on the sensitive information to some of his friend. These an unidentified person with a user manned “Zioshiba” published the source code on Git Hub, After leaked these codes had been going to first inside the jailbreak community and then within the larger iOS security research comity within hours people on twitter were talking about that

The leaked released the source code for IBoot the very first program that runs when a device is turned on. The source of the leak is in know but you can imagine Apple will be cleaning house to find the culprit.

The source code of apple’s Operation system labeled as IBoot has been leaked on software development platform. GitHub and it was first reported by Motherboard

Apple has played down the possible, negative consequence of the leaked codes, the company was quoted as below

“Old Source code form three years ago appears to have been leaked but by design, the security of our products doesn’t depend on the security of our source code”

More than likely hackers may have an easier time jailbreaking or removing imposed software restrictions on iOS devices. Again the typical iPhone user is possible not in any danger thank Apple’s recent security upgrades on their devices.

It could be a cause for security concern as a certain portion of it could be used in other versions. Including the latest iOS 11. it’s not known if the leaked source code will facilitate hackers and security researchers to find loopholes in the iPhone’s Operation system and make Jailbreak Easier

What is the meaning of IBoot (Bootloader)

IBoot is the stage tow bootloader for all Apple product it replaces the old bootloader bootX. The boot process states by running code stored in secured UEFI Boot Rom. It has two primary responsibilities to initialize system hardware and to select an Operating system to run

Actually, IBoot is the first App that runs when you turn on an iOS devise it runs when the iPhone transition from black screen to a white screen and then the iOS home screen.A security researcher dubbed the leaked as the “Biggest “in Apple history, suggesting that access to IBoot may have huge security implications.if discovered new iBoot vulnerabilities may be used by the jailbreak community to create new ways of hacking iOS devices



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