iOS7.1.1 jailbreak untethered with Pangu

iOS7.1.1 jailbreak is available currently. most of all iOS7.1.1 device users are ready to download pangu tool to have an untethered jailbreak. you can jailbreak iOS7.1.1 withing 15 minutes.

iOS7.1.1 jailbreak

iOS7.1.1 jailbreak supporting iOS devices

  • iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4
  • iPad mini/Air
  • iPad 2/3/4
  • iPod Touch 5G

 read me before iOS7.1.1 jailbreak process

Back up- we recommend you very much to do a back up earlier to execute the pangu application. this is very important to all if there will something wrong , back up will help you to protect your data.

Security codes/ passcodes- pangu consumers have to hide device passcodes prior to the pangu  iOS7.1.1 jailbreak

apps- quit iTunes familiar application before the pangu jailbreak

Download pangu 1.2.1 last version

Download pangu 1.2

Download pangu 1.1

Requirements to iOS7.1.1 jailbreak with pangu

  • latest iTunes version ( Windows)
  • Working Windows PC or Mac OS X
  • proper USB cable

 iOS7.1.1 jailbreak guidelines in Steps

step 1– download latest pangu version from above mentioned links in this article

step 2- plug in the device to the computer properly

step 3- before launch the jailbreak uncheck the check box and then click ‘jailbreak’

step 4- covert the iOS7.1.1 device date to 2nd June 2014

step 5- now the jailbreak process will continue

step 6- now tap on  the appearing pangu icon

step 7- it is prohibit to touch or disconnect the connection while the process

step 8- you will have a text as ‘enjoy jailbreak’ . it says you are done. eventually you will appear the cydia icon

here is the video tutorial on iOS7.1.1 jailbreak with pangu


you can use this video to have a very successful iOS7.1.1 jailbreak in an untethered ondition

updates of the pangu tool

1.0 – available a Chinese  surface and interface

– compatible only with Windows

1.1.0- provides an English interface

– decrease the programme quantity

– increased the secure of the networking


pangu team- developed

  • @dm557
  • @windknown
  • @ogc557
  • @daniel_k4

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