Best File Manager in IOS Device (I Tools 4)

I Tools 4 as the name goes is something that you can use Instead of I TUNES is a store that is full of media related staff.

ITunes acts as a library for its users providing the availability of Downloading music, Reigning tones and movies. This store is available on I phone and windows IPhone, IPad and I touch.The finding of ITunes date back to 2001 it started as a music player, and later on it developed a platform of multimedia.

Who is the best one I TUNES or I TOOLS?

It is now the time to download ITools 4 in touch of all its amazing features performance and everything around

IOS devices are great mobile operating system but it does come with some limitation.

For Example : IOS user can’t manage their files as easily as Android  or windows users. This task becomes even more difficult when it comes to managing I pad files on windows you really need a dedicated file manager for this task.

If you are upgraded to latest firmware IOS 11.1, ITools 4 Download is a must which going to add the finest support including all the features you expect talking I tool.

Ringtone maker       : ITools lets you create ringtones from music held on your computer

ITunes Access           : From   ITools you can access all of your ITunes backup files so you can access old data & media

App management     : The app management feature allows you to view & edit your apps

Data Migrate              : ITools support migrating data between IOS devices

Super Backup            : Backup, restore & clone any IOS device, completely or selectively per data set

File Explorer              : View the system directory & fine system of the device to learn more about your device

Desktop Management: Desktop management help help you drag bulk apps at one time by mouse

Fast Optimization     : Clean up most junk files, Enjoy a cleaner faster & better device, in almost every way

Battery master           : Dashboard of your battery, all detail information you need to keep your device & battery healthy

Transfer music between any IPhone, IPod or IPad & any Mac or PC.

Crash log                   : You can find most of crash log here & find out the problem as soon as possible

There is no other choice ITools to keep your IOS management smooth and clean.

As a habit you should backup your device to make sure everything Important in safety I tools like a Backup assistance.

ITools IOS 11.1 is programming that matches up information between IOS 11.1 gadgets like IPad, IPod, IPhone. Moreover it gives you the capacity to make call ringtones, reinforcements, or utilize the application store.

ITools IOS 11.1 can help you effectively exchange & reinforcement media information including applications, books, video between IPod/IPhone & IPad.

This software also comes bundled with a built in PNL to IPA converter, which allows you to convert PNL apps into IPA apps as IPA apps formats the most secure one.

ITools 2018 worked smoothly on windows 8.1 & windows 10 pro during our evaluation, without hanging crashing, or popping up error   massages CPU & RAM consumption was very low, basically the utility delivered great performance results throughout the entire evaluation which we all know is an issue commonly found in ITunes although ITools 2018 is most quickly assistant for IOS devices

ITools 2018 Convenient Devices List

  • Apple IPhone 8 & IPhone 8+, X more…
  • Most recent Apple IPhone 7 & IPhone 7 or more
  • Apple IPhone 6, IPhone 6S, Apple IPhone 6 or more & IPhone 6S or more
  • IPhone 5, IPhone 5C & IPhone 5
  • IPhone SE
  • IPod touch the 6th era
  • IPad master forms with 9.7 inch & also 12.9 inch
  • IPad 4, IPad air & in addition IPad small scale 4
  • IPad smaller than normal 2, 3 and 4

It is more efficient in managing all the levels of media in your IDevice. The Apps contacts, photos and every other nook & corner of the IDevice will be managed with ITools 2018

Please following link to download

Still not available IOS 11.2.1 Jailbreak but this is the Better choice for manage your IOS device

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