Did you know the latest IOS 11.2 version?

Welcome to the latest I phone of Apple IOS 11 last IOS 11.2 Apple released since last few days ago.  It’s six version of IOS 11 which is bringing very wonderful 35+ of new features to IPHONE, ITAUCH and IPADS.

Such as all the new customizable control center, powerful multitasking features & Specially Apple Pay cash and fast wireless charging, IPhone crush fix and New fill App and lots more released with IOS 11.2.

 IOS 11.2 a big chapter in iPhone’s Generation

IOS 11.1 doesn’t include Apple pay cash or I Messenger stores in I Cloud.

With new arousal, you can fix many IOS 11 problems by downloading the IOS 11.2 version update which fixed mainly existed frequent battery drain Issues and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth troubles, problematic phone Restarting error and many experience issues.

The latest tutorials to Jailbreak your IPhones

Pangu Jail breaker is still most often used in reference to IPhone, hackers started trying to unlock IOS since 2007 and anxiety haven’t stopped since Main while Apple has repeatedly fixed Jailbreak exploits with successive updated to mobile OS

Jailbreaks accredit roots access to IOS allowing the downloading and Installing of additional Application extension.As a matter of facts I phone goes you can install any App from the Cydia store after a Jailbreak without pay.

Advantage of IOS Jailbreak

  • You are completely free of the software and hardware limitations imposed by Apple Company.
  • You can very easily reach to the Apples Operating system so that you can customize in you wish.
  • You can download more, your Apps from anywhere without paid No just from the App Store it can be used to Cydia Store.
  • You can download cydia the best third party Apps store in the world which is with tones of tweak apps extensions and ect.

The positive news is that the after IOS 10.3.03 have been finding Jailbreak functionally by Pangu association IOS 11 Jailbreak. It’s still in abides examination period. Jailbreak for IOS 11.1.2 is 80% ready by Pangu is release the exploit.

As Informed to that a group of MOSEC (Mobile Security Conference) as stated that has left the jailbreak community.  It’s uncertain that will be released IOS jailbreak for public. Although if pangu has already succeeded with IOS 11.2.jailbreak. Its mean vulnerabilities are there in downloadpung.net

So that frontages few days, completely success Jail broken IOS 11.2 version will be coming soon…

With every new iteration of IOS the operating system is getting more polished and released to be a future. It has been develop and counting in to present day. According to the history of the Apple IOS, they will be released the next version of IOS 11.2.1,However jail breakers will be ready and wait for IOS 11.2 Jailbreak.

Apple IOS version soon going to be a very fast way of this progress with jailbreak so we will keep you posted as soon as we have got an update

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